Decorative throw pillows with dog illustrations

Whether you have a domestic animal or not, pillows with dogs on them, are an interesting piece of décor to have in your home whenever you want to give your living room a different look. There are many items in this category on our website, and you can explore from the array of products in this range, and select the one that suits you.
Animal cushions not only give a fresh appeal to your interior but are also an interesting thing to get if you own a dog as a pet. Throw pillows that are solid in colour or have graphic prints, are utterly common and can be seen in all households. But canine illustrations on throw cushions are uncommon and attention-grabbing.
The covers on our website are printed on both sides and have a concealed zipper. They are easy to wash in machine easily and the size of them is 18X18 inches. The fabric consists of polyester and fleece, and is soft to touch as well as hold.

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