Trendy cotton socks with ducks printed on them

Feet are the most essential part of your body, because all day long, we walk on them and we put our whole body-weight on our two feet, but sadly they are the most neglected and ignored part of the body. People do not attend them enough, only when something is wrong, or they start aching, is when we take care of them. They are the most underrated parts, yet serve the greatest purpose. Why not treat your feet with something comfortable this time?
More than shoes, it’s the socks that should be carefully chosen. They are the one that interact directly with the skin and are responsible for preventing any damages from the shoes to reach the foot. They provide moisture absorption and absorb the sweat that accumulates throughout the day. They also provide warmth in cold weather and protect the body from weather-related health issues. And most importantly, they also resist the bacteria and fungus from collecting inside your shoe or affecting your skin.
Apart from your palms and under-arms, your feet are the part of your body that sweats the most, and they have hundreds and thousands of sweat glands that activate and work faster in hot weather. Hence, socks do a much bigger job than anyone can imagine, hence they must be chosen with utmost attention and care. These luxurious and trendy looking fabric slippers are perfect for your hectic day. The bottom of these slippers is cushioned and padded, which gives you a layer of extra comfort, and they are solid black on the base, while doodled and colourful at the legs. The leg-side is also ribbed and has a texture on it. The colours used in the artwork are bold, vibrant and will not fade. The material used to construct them is a combination of 60% nylon, 22% cotton and 18% spandex for stretch and comfort. They can be cold-washed in machines and should be hang-dried.

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