Funky and interesting graphically printed towels

When you choose towels, you should see the printed designs and the colors, but along with that, you must also know about the material that they comprise of, because that is something you will rub your body with, and maximum problems and diseases are linked to unhygienic wipes! That is why it is always recommended to keep your body essentials clean and dry.
These cute imprinted colorful wipes have graphics of cats all over them, and they are made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester on the printed side. While the non-printed side comprises of terry fabric which has maximum moisture absorption and dries out the water off your skin, without being too harsh on it. They are perfect to be carried on a beach on a sunny day, and they can also be used as wrap towels, as they are soothing and relaxing to the skin.
They are available in 30X60 inches in size. The material is light, and it is easy to dry after using it.

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